QSilica Pro Collagen
QSilica Pro Collagen
QSilica Pro Collagen
QSilica Pro Collagen

QSilica Pro Collagen

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Once Daily! - High Strength CERAMOSIDES™️ Capsules

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What are Ceramosides and what do they do?

Our skins Ceramides decline with age, which results in wrinkles and dryer skin. Ceramides are rich in Omega 3,6,9 that naturally support the skins barrier function. CERAMOSIDES™️ are a patented natural wheat seed extract rich in phyto-ceramides (plant sourced ceramides) CERAMOSIDES™️ have been clinically researched to be effective at a dose of 30mg per day included in each daily dose vegan capsule.  

What is Mineral Silica and what does it do? 

Mineral Silica is PURE PREMIUM COLLOIDAL mineral silica. Naturally occurring in QUARTZ CRYSTALS and has Strengthening and Rejuvenating properties. 

What is Vitamin C Acerola and what does it do?

Vitamin C Acerola is a natural, Gluten Free source of Vitamin C that contributes to a normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin and blood vessels. 


Capsules are FREE from:





Collagen is found naturally in your body and plays a crucial role in protecting, smoothing and hydrating your skin to ensure that it remains elastic and firm. 

Qsilica PRO Collagen capsules support:

💗Maintains Hair Health

💗Collagen Production

💗Skin Hydration and Texture

💗Assists Connective Tissue Production

💗Antioxidant Benefits

💗Nail Health

💗Bone Integrity

Finding a high dose Collagen supplement that is Vegan and Gluten Free is not an easy task! We think these capsules are on the next level. 

The human body produces it's own collagen naturally, this supplement EMPOWERS YOU with a unique Ceramosides & Antioxidants formula that enhances your own natural collagen process! It STRENGHENS YOUR OWN COLLAGEN and is not made from the hair, skin or ground up bones of animals like some other collagens that are not vegan.