12 Tea Light Spell Gift Set

12 Tea Light Spell Gift Set

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Handmade Spell Candles 🧹

Each tea light is unique and handmade



Cruelty-Free Soy Wax

100% Essential Oils

Dried Herbs

Dried Flowers


Choice of spells included:

Anxiety Relief Spell - to calm the spirit and reduce stresses and strains.

Happiness Spell - to invoke happiness and joy in abundance.

Love Spell - for attraction and love in all its forms.

Prosperity Spell - to attract wealth and prosperity to home and to self.

Protection Spell - to banish the negative energies from your spirit and home.

Balance Spell - to balance hormones and centre the soul

Cleansing Spell - to cleanse the spirit and the home and focus attention.


Recyclable polycarbonate tea light cups.

Burning time 4 hours (approx)