Welcome to Enchanted House

Welcome to Enchanted House

Little luxuries and grand gesture gifts for when only the best will do.


Enchanted House is ruled with kindness, integrity and equality to all in mind by our vegan founder.


Our Enchanting door wreaths are made with high-end, real-look faux flowers that catch the eye and turn the head of everyone that walks by or comes to visit your home. 


All the stunning diamonds we sell are Real Diamonds, that are lab grown, making them a beautiful, kinder choice that are chemically and physically the same as natural mined diamonds. You can purchase larger diamonds for your money, because Lab Grown Diamonds come at a lower cost for the same carat size! We also sell Moissanite jewellery  that actually have even more sparkle than a natural diamond! If you wish to pay in instalments, we have attractive payment options available from ClearPay for you at checkout, with no credit check required. 


Our Compliment Crown and Tiara Gift Boxes are designed to make your loved ones feel amazing and give them a confidence boost that we all need from time to time, letting them know they are the only one for you and just how special they are.

Our crowns and tiaras will make brides and bridesmaids feel magical on a wedding day; we also believe that they are perfect gifts for any occasion. We feel that you don’t need to receive a marriage proposal, be judged or win a competition to be crowned as a kind and beautiful person.

Some people don’t want or may not be able to have a big day celebration.. but they should not miss out on the feeling of wearing and owning a stunning crown or tiara. 


You can join our mailing list here on the website by clicking the profile icon to follow us on social media for Discount Codes and Notification of new product launches as and when they happen. We look forward to you joining us on our journey. 


Kindest Wishes, 

Enchanted House x